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    Met Paige at VR event she’s pretty awesome! Keep me posted, would love to learn more about this organization

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    My bad, meant to send that in different form. Feel free to delete my comments

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Riding the Innovation Cycle is the Key to Innovation

The innovation cycle starts with FAILURES that create PAIN in a system. Great pain creates TENSIONS that power the creative and adaptive capabilities of people and organizations to innovate. This generates new mental maps that enable the emergence of value-creating INNOVATION and novel GROWTH.

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Tension: The Energy of Innovation outlines how you ride the innovation cycle to fuel your creative genius

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Riding the Innovation Cycle Along the Entire Lifecycle is the Key to Success

Innovations are born through mindful DISCOVERY that tests their feasibility. A few then advance to INCUBATION to remove technical risk. A small subset of these then moves forward to ACCELERATION to remove commercial risk. Just one in a thousand discoveries will make it to the final mindless state of SCALING on a commercial level.

book cover

Tension: The Energy of Innovation outlines how you ride the innovation cycle to fuel your creative genius

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Applying and Accelerating the Innovation Cycle is Our Five Fold Mission


Teach university, executive and online courses in applying the innovation and technology strategy


Mentor students, faculty, and business inventors and entrepreneurs to moving along the innovation lifecycle


Provide consulting services to organizations that enable students and faculty to work on real world innovation challenges


Run local and global innovation challenges to reward students for innovating to solve real world problems


Support students, faculty and businesses inventors in developing value-creating novelty aka innovation

Digital Sandbox

Liberate your creative genius and tap into new capabilities

Great innovation is not an abstract and elusive goal. In our Digital Sandbox, we help you to become a brilliant innovator by applying disciplines that move you from the mindlessness of daily life to the mindfulness necessary to liberate your creative genius. We’ll help you with the right tools to support the phases of your innovation lifecycle and deliver value for your organization or project.

IoT Lab

Internet of Things
We create IoT applications across many different use cases by applying mobile devices and sensors to change behaviors.

SaG Lab

Simulation & Gamification
We use empirical data to create virtual worlds to simulate behavior change enabled by new digital technologies

DaV Lab

Data Analytics & Visualization
We collect, analyze, visualize, and make sense of large volumes of big data to create knowledge and wisdom.

RuX Lab

Rapid Prototyping & User Experience
We apply design thinking to create rapid prototypes to test ideas quickly and apply fast, frequent, frugal failure

Innovating in the Digital Sandbox

Our disciplined approach helps innovators across multiple industries to move from the mindlessness of daily work to the mindfulness necessary to liberate their creative genius. The methodologies and expertise that guide the Digital Sandbox deliver real economic value to the organizations and individuals who work with us.

  • FASTER | Learn multiple engagement models to apply innovation.

  • BETTER | Apply proven innovation tools, methodologies, and frameworks.

  • CHEAPER | Apply fast, frequent, frugal failure for lean innovation.

  • MORE PROFITABLE | Accelerate the movement of innovation to the marketplace.

  • MORE ENGAGING | Use digital behavior-change models to deliver engagement and better outcomes.

book cover

Tension: The Energy of Innovation outlines how you ride the innovation cycle to fuel your creative genius

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